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Francisco Palao's purpose is helping humanity to evolve using technology, mindset change and love.

Francisco is an award-winning entrepreneur, mentor and author focused on empowering people and organizations to make a positive impact on their businesses and on the world. Francisco has inspired and adviced companies around the world on their innovation and transformation strategy.

Francisco is the author of the following books: Positive Impact (2022), Massive Transformative Purpose (2020) and Exponential Transformation (2018).


Francisco is the creator of Purpose Launchpad, an agile framework focused on providing entrepreneurs and organizations to properly innovate and to get the right mindset.

Francisco is the founder of Purpose Alliance, a global community focused on empowering extraordinary people and organizations to create a better world. 

Previously, Francisco acted as CEO of ExO Works (2015-2017) and OpenExO (2018-2019) and was the main designer of the ExO Sprint methodology.


In addition, Francisco has founded several startups including LeanMonitor, a cloud-based platform to help entrepreneurs and organizations to implement Lean Startup that was acquired by in 2014. Francisco also founded Nativoo, an AI-based platform for personalized tourism, acquired by SBTUR in 2012, and IActive, a high-tech company focused on AI, named Cool Vendor by Gartner in 2012. The first Internet startup that Francisco ran was called BuscarAmigos.Com and he co-founded it in 2001 and was acquired in 2004.

Francisco has been honored with several prestigious international recognitions and was granted the TR35 award by MIT, honoring the Top Innovators under 35.

Francisco holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence by the University of Granada, and an Executive MBA by the IE Business School. Francisco is also a graduate student of Singularity University and Steve Blank's alumni at Berkley University.

Francisco is an sporty person a nature lover, who likes outdoor sports such as trekking.

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Juan Luis del Álamo

Innovation Director at Repsol

“I always thought of Francisco to have a solid, brave and entrepreneurial spirit. You may find in Francisco one of the best-rounded professionals you will ever meet.”

Tristan Kromer

Innovation Ecosystems & Startups

“Francisco keeps his vision on the future, but listens to data and feedback from customers to improve products. I always look forward to hearing updates about what Francisco is building next.”

Farzam Afshar

CEO, Verifacts

“Dr.Palao exceeded our audience's expectation. He was exciting, fun, mind expanding. He left us all waiting more.”
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