Lo mejor del día #3 de Singularity University Summit Spain

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Todo lo bueno se acaba (o no), y aquí tenéis lo mejor del último día de Singularity University Summit Spain!


“Our social structures were designed hundreds years ago, thus they are not ready for exponential growth”.
Salim Ismail (@salimismail), Global Ambassador at Singularity University


“If you can digitalize it, you can customize it. If you can customize it, you should do it”.
Laila Pawlak (@DARE2dk), Founder & CEO DARE2, DARE2network & DARE2mansion


“We all live in parallel worlds and we can’t close our eyes to it”.
Nick Haan, Global Grand Challenges Director at Singularity University


“Everything is changing, we need new job descriptions. It’s not only about knowledge and tools, it’s about attitude!”.
Nacho de Pinedo (@NachodePinedo), Founder and CEO of ISDI, Founder and Steering Committee of IMPACT, Internet Mobile Projects Accelerator


“The concept of disruptive is not only something new but also something that it’s affordable for millions of people”.
David Roberts, Director Graduate Studies Program at Singularity University


“The new generation of workers doesn’t have to come from our kids but from all of us leveraging new technologies and tools”.
Kathryn Myronuk (@kathrynmyr), Synthesis & Convergence; Finance & Economics Interim Chair at Singularity University


“An Exponential Organization is one whose impact (or output) is, at least, 10x larger compared to its peers because of the use of new organizational techniques and technologies”.
Salim Ismail (@salimismail), Global Ambassador at Singularity University

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