Lo mejor del día #2 de Singularity University Summit Spain

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Aquí os dejo algunas de las píldoras que nos han dejado los ponentes del segundo día de Singularity University Summit Spain!


“Our bodies are turning into information as well. Now, the question is what to do with it?”.
Rob Nail (@RobNail), CEO at Singularity University


“Genetic engineering is now like software development”.
Raymond McCauley (@raymondmccauley), Biotechnology & Bioinformatics Chair at Singularity University


“We are starting an era where we are prescribing apps to patients”.
Daniel Kraft (@daniel_kraft), Medicine & Neuroscience Chair at Singularity University


“All we know in the physical world is coming to the digital world with 3D printing”.
Anders Hvid (@andershvid), Co-founder and CEO at DARE DISRUPT


“The success prediction indicator is not the IQ (Intelligence quotient) but the AQ (Adaptability quotient)”.
Amin Toufani, Director of Strategy at Singularity University


“We need tech innovation to drive policy innovation in energy”.
Ramez Naam (@ramez), Biotechnology & Bioinformatics Chair at Singularity University

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