The best (quotes) from the Lean Startup Conference

Today, I have attended to the Lean Startup Conference at San Francisco and here you have the best quotes!


Eric Ries
“This is an opportunity to explore this new science that we call entrepreneurship”
Eric Ries (@ericries), The Lean Startup


Todd Park
“My job as a CTO is to be a tech entrepreneur in residence for the US Government”
Todd Park (@todd_park), United States CTO


Diane Tavenner
“Remove from your MVP any feature that is not contributing to the learning process”
Diane Tavenner (@summitps), Summit Public Schools


Tendai Charasika
“Get uncomfortable: #GetOutOfTheBuilding”
Tendai Charasika (@XcellentTea), EnterpriseCorp


Tereza Nemessanyi
“My biggest mistake was to accept a vanity metric on my term sheet to rise money”
Tereza Nemessanyi (@terezan), High Ridge Group


Beth Comstock
“In big companies projects have to scale and Lean Startup help us to do it”
Beth Comstock (@bethcomstock), General Electric


Jessica Scorpio
“Whether it’s a small idea or a big one just do an MVP to rise the money you need”
Jessica Scorpio (@jessicascorpio), Getaround


Danny Kim
“Build a car is hard but building a company is even harder”
Danny Kim (@LitMotors), LitMotors


Matt Brezina
“We released 9 different products within the first 12 months. Why? Because we need to learn”
Matt Brezina (@brezina), Sincerely


Ron J. Williams
“Changing bad habits is hard. Go Lean is not easy”
Ron J. William (@ronjdub), Knodes


Andres Glusman
“Go after the things that will cause us to fail as fast and often as we can”
Andres Glusman (@glusman), Meetup


Melissa Sedano
“I have been wrong more times that I can count. Our own opinions don’t matter”
Melissa Sedano (@BlomBoard), Blom Board


Jocelyn Wyatt
“Minimum Viable Product (MVP),Minimum Viable Service (MVS), Minimum Viable Brand (MVB)”
Jocelyn Wyatt (@jocelynw),


Adam Goldstein
“I’m so Lean that I won’t use slides”
Adam Goldstein (@adamjgoldstein),


Justin Wilcox
“Is it your startup a business or just a hobby?”
Justin Wilcox (@Justin_Wilcox), Customer Development Labs


Stephanie Hay
“No user chooses to use something unless understand it”
Stephanie Hay (@steph_hay), FastCustomer


Steve Blank
“The unique people who need a 5-year business plan are VCs and Soviet Union”
Steve Blank (@sgblank)


Ivory Madison
“Vanity metrics are just an element of the success theatre”
Ivory Madison (@ivorymadison), Red Room


Ash Maurya
“In order to improve, just focus on a single key metric”
Ash Maurya (@ashmaurya), Spark59


Robert Fan
“When your startup achieve success, still needs to apply Lean for a sustainable success”
Robert Fan (@rfan), Sharethrough


Scott Cook
“In order to be a Lean Startup you need to change the way decisions are made”
Scott Cook (@intuit), Intuit


Drew Houston
“Everything big starts small”
Drew Houston (@drewhouston), Dropbox


Charles Hudson
“Every startup should ask themselves: Why do we exist and why should anyone care?”
Charles Hudson (@chudson), SofTech VC


Dave Binetti
“Your vision is a constant and is the only constant on which you can rely”
Dave Binetti (@dbinetti), Votizen


Marc Andreessen
“When you achieve Product Market Fit you feel OH MY GOODNESS this is going away”
Mark Andreessen (@a16z), Netscape Founder

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